Third Workshop Posters and Demos

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Recommended poster dimensions: 30″ x 40″ (or 40″ x 30″) or smaller. Please bring your physical posters – we will provide the easels.

Poster Session 1: 11:30am-12:30pm, 01/18/18.

  1. Directional 3D Channel Modeling for Millimeter Wave Small Cells, Amir Torabi and Reza Zekavat, Michigan Tech.
  2. Downlink in mmW Cellular Network with Human RF Exposure Constraint, Imtiaz Nasim and Seungmo Kim, Southern Georgia U.
  3. Compact Modeling of Ring-based mmWave-to-Optical ModulatorsVishal Saxena, Md. Jubayer Shawon and R. Wang, U. Idaho
  4. Deliver 10 Gbps Immersive Content in mmWave Wireless Mesh Backhaul, Chin-Ya Huang, National Central U., Taiwan
  5. A Scalable Receiver Architecture with Reconfigurable Antenna Interface for Frequency, Pattern, Spatial and Polarization Diversity across 37-73 GHz, Xuyang Lu, Chandrakanth Chapiddi, Xue Wu, Kaushik Sengupta, Princeton U.
  6. Low Profile Switched-Beam 60-GHz Array for Two Dimensional Chip-to-Chip or Device-to-Device Networks, Kathleen L Melde and Prabhat Baniya, U. Arizona
  7. Improving Millimeter-Wave Channel Models with Site-Specific Geometric Features, Yaguang Zhang, Christopher R. Anderson , James V. Krogmeier, Purdue University and United States Naval Academy
  8. 31 GHz Vegetation Attenuation for Several Evergreen Shrubs, Mohanad Mohsen, David W. Matolak, U. South Carolina.
  9. Measurement Study with a Programmable Testbed for Wideband 60 GHz WLANs with Phased Arrays, Muhammad Kumail Haider, Edward W. Knightly, Rice U.
  10. Connectivity Evolution of Vehicular Nodes operating at mmWave Frequencies, Marco Giordani, Mattia Rebato, Andrea Zanella, Michele Zorzi, U. Padova, Italy
  11. mmWave Channel Sounding and Modeling for Aviation ScenariosÖzgür Özdemir, ?smail Güvenç, David Matolak, and Hani Mehrpouyan, Boise State U., NC State, and U. South Carolina
  12. Energy-Efficient Mixed-Signal Circuits for Millimeter-wave MIMO, Mazen Soliman and Jeyanandh Paramesh, Carnegie Mellon U.

Poster Session 1: 1:30am-2:30pm, 01/18/18.

  1. Design of Low-Cost Multi-Mode Millimeter Wave Phased Array Antennas using Characteristic Mode Theory, Ting-Yen Shih, U. Idaho.
  2. Efficent Medium Access in Millimeter Wave Networks, Jie Zhao, Xin Wang, Stony Brook U.
  3. A Lens Array Multi-beam MIMO Testbed for Real-Time mmWave Communication and Sensing, Akbar Sayeed, Chris Hall, Kevin (Yifan) Zhu, UW-Madison
  4. A Practical IEEE 802.11ad Testbed Platform: The Hidden Potential of Off-the-Shelf Devices, Daniel Steinmetzer, Daniel Wegemer, and Matthias Hollick, Technical U. Darmstadt, Germany.
  5. Optimal Beam Sweeping and Communication in Mobile Millimeter-Wave Networks, N. Michelusi, M. Hussain, Purdue U.
  6. A Protocol for Link Blockage Mitigation in mm-Wave NetworksMasoud Zarifneshat, Chin-Jung Liu, Li Xiao, Michigan State U.
  7. Propagation-Aware MAC and Scheduling for mmWave-based Networks, Sameh Sorour and Ting-Yen Shih, U. Idaho.
  8. Hydra: A Massive MIMO Test Bed Operating at mm-Wave, Greg LaCaille, Antonio Puglielli, Sameet Ramakrishnan, Lucas Calderin, Lorenzo Iotti, Emily Naviasky, Elad Alon, Borivoje Nikolic, Ali Niknejad, UC-Berkeley
  9. Reliable 60 GHz WLANs through Cross-layer Design and Coordination, Ding Zhang, Parth Pathak, George Mason U.
  10. Attention, Saliency, and Contextual Adaptation in RF Machine Learning Array ReceiversArjuna Madanayake (U. Akron), Jin Wei, Vishal Saxena (U. Idaho), Dimitra Psyhogiou, Soumyajit Mandal, Renato Cintra,  Leo Belostotski, Gihan Mendis, Viduneth Ariyarathna, Nilan Udayanga, and Yingying Wang
  11. 5G mmWave Networks Beamtracking and End-to-End Network Performance, Carlos H. Claveras, Marco Mezzavilla, Menglei Zhang, Sundeep Rangan, Jose F. Monserrat, NYU and Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain.
  12. Taming and Leveraging Directionality and Blockage in Millimeter Wave Communications, Jingchao Bao, Yawen Fan, Husheng Li, Liang Li, Derek Sprintz, Yifan Wang and Zhiyang Zhang, U. Tennessee.

Poster Session 1: 4:30am-5:30pm, 01/18/18.

  1. A Group-Testing Approach Towards Fast Localization of Multiple Users in a Millimeter-Wave Cell, Anoosheh Heidarzadeh and Alex Sprintson, Texas A&M U. and Purdue
  2. Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for mmWave Drone Communications, Nadisanka Rupasinghe, Yavuz Yapici, Ismail Guvenc, Yuichi Kakishima, NC State U. and Docomo Innovations
  3. Scalable optimization of joint routing and resource allocation for mm wave backhaul mesh networks, Maryam Eslami Rasekh, Dongning Guo, Upamanyu Madhow, UC-Santa Barbara and Northwestern U.
  4. Caching for integrated access and backhaul relay networks, Ahmed M. Mohamed, Borja Peleato, Purdue U.
  5. Multipath Content Delivery Framework for Legacy WiFi and WiGig Networks, Chuhan Gao, Teng Wei, Xinyu Zhang, Suman Banerjee, UW-Madison and UC-San Diego
  6. Beam Management for 3GPP New Radio at mmWave Frequencies, Michele Zorzi, Michele Polese, Marco Giordani, U. Padova, Italy.
  7. Co-Design of RF Front-Ends and O(N) Approximate-DFTs for Low-SWaP SDR Receivers, Arjuna Madanayake (U. Akron), Renato Cintra, Dimitra Psychogiou, Soumyajit Mandal, Leo Belostotsk, Viduneth Ariyarathna, Diego Coelho, Vitor Cutinho, Najath Akram, and Nilan Udayanga
  8. Tradeoffs in Millimeter-wave Beam-steering Technologies, Jonathan Chisum, Wenlong Bai, Nicolas Garcia, Notre Dame
  9. Multi-lobe Beam Searching for Initial Access in mmWave Systems, Irmak Aykin, Berk Akgun, and Marwan Krunz, U. Arizona
  10. Scalable and Reconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Transceiver Arrays for Gigabit Mobile Access, Deukhyoun Heo, Subhanshu Gupta, Washington State U.
  11. Channel Estimation and Tracking for Frequency-Selective mmWave MIMO Hybrid Communication Systems, Javier Rodrguez-Fernandez, Vutha Va, Nuria Gonzalez-Prelcic and Robert W. Heath Jr., U. Vigo, Spain, and  UT-Austin.
  12. Improving TCP performance on mmWave cellular networks, Michele Polese, Menglei Zhang, Marco Mezzavilla, Jing Zhu, Sundeep Rangan, Shivendra Panwar, Michele Zorzi, NYU, U. Padova, and Intel.