A series of RCN workshops on the topic of mmW wireless will be held in US institutions twice every year. The objective of the workshops is to bring the academic and industrial researchers together, along with key governmental stakeholders, to exchange ideas and information, facilitate collaborations, and to identify new directions and initiatives to advance the research and development of mmW wireless technology.

General topics of interest and discussion in the RCN (please see the CFPs for specific themes) include but are not limited to:

  • Antenna architectures: phased arrays, lens arrays, multi-aperture/multi-beam architectures
  • Signal processing and communication techniques: channel estimating and tracking, space-frequency precoding, space-frequency post-processing, e.g.
  • mmW hardware: Power amplifiers, phase shifters, mixers, filters, oscillators, switches
  • Digital hardware: architectures for Gigabit rate digital processing
  • Mixed signal circuits: Analog to Digital Convertors (ADCs), Digital to Analog Convertors (DACs)
  • Networking protocols: new medium access and higher layer protocols to fully exploit the mmW PHY layer
  • Interaction between mmW hardware, mixed signal design, and backend digital signal processing
  • Interaction between physical (PHY) layer techniques and networking protocols
  • Integrated design strategies for energy and spectral efficiency
  • mmW channel models and measurements
  • Prototypes and testbeds
  • Use cases and applications
  • The role of cloud computing, e.g., cloud RAN
  • Relevant advances in related areas: e.g.,  mmW sensing, photonics, electro-optic techniques

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