Second Workshop Posters and Demos


Demos (Descriptions)

  • Channel Emulator for mmWave Systems, Aditya Dhananjay and Marco Mezzavilla, NYU
  • 5G Antenna Design Software, Nick Buris
  • WiMi mmWave platform, Xinyu Zhang, UW-Madison
  • mmWave CAP-MIMO testbed, Chris Hall, Kevin Zhu, Dian Hu and Akbar Sayeed, UW-Madison
  • mmWave plaforms, Sarah Yost and Ian Wong, National Instruments
  • video of Qualcomm’s mmWave prototype in mobile scenarios, Ashwin Sampath, Qualcomm
  • Diane Benz, Keysight

Recommended poster dimensions: 30″ x 40″ or smaller (please bring your poster – we will provide easels)

Poster Session 1: 11:30am-12:30pm, 07/19.

  1. Wideband Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems with Lens Array: Architecture and Precoding DesignXinyu Gao, Linglong Dai, and Akbar M. Sayeed
  2. V-Band Faraday Rotation Measurement ApparatusNitin Parsa, Nathaniel Hawk, Michael Gasper, Ryan Toonen
  3. Integrated Multi-Stream Hybrid Beamformers and Low Phase-Noise Digital Frequency Synthesizers for Millimeter-wave MIMO Communication, Susnata Mondal, Rahul Singh, Ahmed I. Hussein, Jeyanandh Paramesh
  4. 3D printed Luneburg lens antenna for millimeter wave system, Min Liang and Hao Xin
  5. UAV Positioning for Improving Coverage-Connectivity Tradeoff in Millimeter-Wave Wireless Channels, Mai A. Abdel-Malek, Ahmed S. Ibrahim, and Mohamed Mokhtar
  6. MmWave Receiver Array with Wideband Spectrum Sensing, Pawan Agarwal, Deukhyoun Heo and Subhanshu Gupta
  7. Coordinated Beam Discovery, Association, and Handover in Ultra-Dense Millimeter-Wave NetworkDanijela Cabric
  8. Frequency-Agile Transfer-Function Adaptable Filters and Low SWaP mmW Multi-Beamformers using Mixed Passives and Analog/Digital CMOS Integrated Circuits, Arjuna Madanayake, Soumyajit Mandal, Dimitra Psychogiou, Renato Cintra, Leo Belostotski, Chamith Wijenayake, Ted Rappaport, Viduneth Ariyarathna, Diego Coelho, Nilan Udayanga, and Xinyao Tang
  9. Multicasting in Highly Directional Networks, Michael Atakora, and Harsha Chenji
  10. Integrated Millimeter Wave and Sub-6 GHz Resource Management for Low-Latency Communications in 5G Cellular NetworksOmid Semiari and Walid Saad
  11. Improved Handover Through Dual Connectivity in 5G mmWave Mobile NetworksMichele Polese, Marco Giordani, Marco Mezzavilla, Sundeep Rangan and Michele Zorzi. Updated poster.

Poster Session 2: 1:30pm-2:30pm, 07/19.

  1. MmWave Phased-Array Based Dynamic Channel Measurements, Christopher Slezak, Aditya Dhananjay, Sundeep Rangan
  2. Cross-layer Design for Reliable 60 GHz WLANs, Ding Zhang, and Parth Pathak
  3. Quantized Angular Beamforming for mmWave Channels with Limited TrainingHao Zhou, Dongning Guo, and Michael L. Honig
  4. Challenges and Opportunities with mm-wave Communications in 5GTommy Svensson
  5. Toward Large Scale mm-Wave Phased ArraysYahya Tousi
  6. 60 GHz Networking with Mobile Clients: System Design and ImplementationMuhammad Kumail Haider and Edward W. Knightly
  7. Mobility support in Mm-wave Networks with Minimal OverheadNicolo Michelusi, Muddassar Hussain, Anoosheh Heidarzadeh, and Alex Sprintson
  8. Noncoherent compressive estimation of multipath channels for large arrays, Maryam Eslami Rasekh and Upamanyu Madhow
  9. A Parallel Fast Fourier Transform for millimeter-wave applications, Dale Mugler, and Arjuna Madanayake
  10. Multi-Phase Signal Source for Millimeter-Wave ApplicationsNuman S. Dogan and Zhijian Xie

Poster Session 3: 4:30am-5:30pm, 07/19.

  1. Multi-User Wireless Virtual Reality with Millimeter Wave Networks, Suraj Jog, Anadi Chaman, and Haitham Hassanieh
  2. End-to-End Network Simulation of mmWave Cellular SystemsMarco Mezzavilla, Menglei Zhang, Sourjya Dutta, Sundeep Rangan
  3. 5G Antenna Systems; A Rigorous Treatment and a Software Tool, Nick  Buris
  4. Linearized CMOS Photonic Modulators for Millimeter-Wave WirelessVishal Saxena
  5. MmWave Channel Emulation, Aditya Dhananjay, Sundeep Rangan
  6. User Association in mmWave MIMO Network, Alireza Alizadeh and Mai Vu
  7. Efficient Beamforming for Link Establishment in mmWave Systems, Irmak Aykin and Marwan Krunz
  8. TCP in 5G mmWave Networks: Time and Path DiversityMichele Polese and Michele Zorzi
  9. Feedback-Assisted Incremental Redundancy in mmWave Communications, Borja Peleato
  10. Enhanced-Gain Antenna Array Design for Millimeter-Wave Systems, Kashyap Kalavapudi and Steve Chiu
  11. 5G Experimental Trial of 28 GHz Band  in NTT DOCOMO, Yuichi Kakishima (DOCOMO Innovations, Inc./NTT DOCOMO, INC.