Posters and Demos – NIST Workshop

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Recommended poster dimensions: 30″ x 40″ (or 40″ x 30″) or smaller. Please bring your physical posters – we will provide the easels.


  • Demo: free5GC, Tze-Jie Tan, Wei-Ting Hu, Fu-Lian Weng, Hung-Cheng Chang, Jyh-Cheng Chen and Yi-Bing Lin, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.
  • Tools for IEEE 802.11ad High-Fidelity Simulation, Tanguy Ropitault and Nada Golmie (NIST), Hany Assasa and Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks Institute).

Poster Session 1: 11:30am-12:30pm, 07/23/19 

  1. Optimization for mmWave Mobile Networks using Random Beamforming, Mustafa Aljumaily and Husheng Li, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  2. Self-Learning based Multi-User Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems with Multiple Mobile Relays, Ming Feng and Hao Xu, University of Nevada, Reno.
  3. Reflection, Diffraction, and Interference of Millimeter Wave: Experimental Results, Zhiyang Zhang and Husheng Li, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  4. Correction of Clock-Drift and Antenna Rotation Error for NCSU 28 GHz mmWave Channel Sounder,  Ozgur Ozdemir, Fatih Erden, Wahab Khawaja and Ismail Guvenc, North Carolina State University.
  5. Energy-efficient Hybrid Precoding for Cooperative Millimeter Wave Systems, Chao Fang, Behrooz Makki and Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology.
  6. An Implementation of 5G NR MAC Layer Protocol in NS-3 and FPGA, Lu Duan and Paramesh Ramanathan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  7. Efficient mm-Wave and IF Interfaces for Scalable mm-Wave MIMO Arrays, Arun Natarajan (Oregon State University), Harish Krishnaswamy (Columbia University), Manoj Johnson, Robin Garg and Gaurav Sharma (Oregon State University), Sohail Ahasan, Armagan Dascurcu, Ali Binaie and Mahmood Baran (Columbia University).
  8. Performance Assessment of MIMO Precoding on Realistic mmWave Channel, Mattia Rebato (U. Padova), Luca Rose (Nokia Bell Labs, Paris) and Michele Zorzi (U. Padova).
  9. End-to-end Vehicle-to-Vehicle Operations at mmWaves in ns-3, Marco Giordani, Michele Polese, Tommaso Zugno, Matteo Drago and Michele Zorzi, U. Padova.
  10. Modeling the Millimeter Wave Channel in a Scalable and Accurate Way, Mattia Lecci, Paolo Testolina, Michele Polese, Marco Giordani and Michelle Zorzi (U. Padova),  Tanguy Ropitault and Nada Golmie (NIST).
  11. QoS Provisioning in 60 GHz Link: A Cross-Layer Approach, Matteo Drago and Michele Polese (U. Padova),  Stepan Kucera and Dmitry Kozlov (Nokia Bell Labs, Dublin), and Michele Zorzi (U. Padova).
  12. CMOS Millimetre-wave MIMO Transceivers and Mobile Testbed, Susnata Mondal, Swarun Kumar, and Jeyanandh Paramesh, Carnegie Mellon U.

Poster Session 2: 1:30am-2:30pm, 07/23/19

  1. Sensing Wind Velocity by Leveraging Millimeter Wave Communications, Zhiyang Zhang, Jingchao Bao, Yawen Fan and Husheng Li, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  2. Energy Efficiency of RSMA and NOMA in Cellular-Connected mmWave UAV Networks, Ali Rahmati, Yavuz Yapici, Nadisanka Rupasinghe, Ismail Guvenc and Huaiyu Dai, NC State University, and Arupjyoti Bhuyan, Idaho National Laboratory.
  3. Human RF Exposure in mmW Wearable Communications, Imtiaz Nasim and Seungmo Kim, Georgia Southern University.
  4. Wideband Millimeter-Wave Beam Training with True-Time-Delay Array Architecture Han Yan, Veljko Boljanovic and Danijela Cabric, University of California, Los Angeles.
  5. Enriching Millimeter-Wave WLANs with Novel Sensing Applications, Zhicheng Yang and Prasant Mohapatra, University of California, Davis.
  6. Millimeter Wave Communications and Edge Computing for Future Untethered High-Fidelity Virtual Reality, Jakob Chakareski,  University of Alabama and Petar Popovski, Aalborg University.
  7. Propagation Modeling Through Foliage in a Coniferous Forest at 28 GHz, Yaguang Zhang (Purdue), Christopher R. Anderson (US Naval Academy) and James V. Krogmeier (Purdue).
  8. Second-best Beam-Alignment via Bayesian Multi-Armed Bandits, Nicolo Michelusi and Muddassar Hussain, Purdue University.
  9. User Association Based on Blockage and Load in Millimeter Wave Networks – A Lagrangian Dual Approach, Masoud Zarifneshat, Proteek Roy and Li Xiao, Michigan State University.
  10. Fast Beam Training Protocol for Low-Latency Services Over Terahertz Frequency Bands, Omid Semiari, Georgia Southern University.
  11. Energy-Conserved Millimeter-Wave Wireless Access Networks, Tai-Lin Chin,  National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  12. Towards 6G Networks: Non-Terrestrial Millimeter Wave Communications to Support eMBB, Marco Giordani and Michele Zorzi, University of Padova.

Poster Session 3: 4:30am-5:30pm, 07/23/19

  1. Coordinated Beam Prediction based on Deep Learning for Millimeter-wave Vehicular Networks, Jie Zhao, Xin Wang and Xiaomeng Wang, Stony Brook University.
  2. Evolving sensing algorithms to harness mm-Wave, Anant Gupta and Upamanyu Madhow, University of California, Santa Barbara.
  3. Example Attenuations for Common Materials at 90 GHz, Mohanad Mohsen, David Matolak and Jinwn Liu, University of South Carolina.
  4. Effective Subcarrier Pairing Scheme in mmWave-based Relay System, Xiao Zhang and Li Xiao, Michigan State University.
  5. End-to-end Evaluation of mmWave Networks for Public Safety Scenarios, Michele Polese, William Xia, Tommaso Zugno, Marco Mezzavilla, Giuseppe Loianno, Sundeep Rangan and Michele Zorzi, University of Padova and NYU.
  6. Enhancing TCP Throughput in mmWave Wireless Mesh Backhaul Networks, Chin-Ya Huang and Bing-Sheng Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  7. Antenna Optimization in mmWave Mobile Scenarios through Machine Learning, Mattia Rebato, Paolo Testolina, Mattia Lecci, Alberto Testolina and Michele Zorzi (U. Padova), Jonathan Gambini, Roberto Flamini  and  Christian Mazzucco (Huawei, Milan)
  8. Moonshot Problem: Opening Large Contiguous Blocks Above 100 GHz by interference-free sharing with passive satellites enabled by new antenna technology,  Michael Marcus, Virginia Tech, Daniel Mittleman and Rabi Shrestha, Brown U.
  9. Hydra: mmWave massive MIMO testbed development, Greg Lacaille, Emily Naviasky, Lorenzo Iotti, Harrison Liew, Elad Alon, Borivoje Nikolic and Ali Niknejad, UC Berkeley.
  10. Multiantenna Wireless Architectures for Next-Generation Wireless Systems, Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology.
  11. Enhancing Transport Layer Performance in Millimeter Wave Access Networks,  Zongshen Wu, Chin-Ya Huang and Parmesh Ramnathan, University of Wisconsin-Madison and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
  12. Joint Communications and Radar with FM Waveform in Millimeter Wave Band,  Yawen Fan and Husheng Li University of Tennessee, Knoxville.