Samsung achieves 5G mmWave speeds of 8.5 Gbps across 2 devices

Samsung Electronics says it achieved the industry’s fastest 5G speeds in a lab demonstration that used carrier aggregation to combine multiple channels of mmWave spectrum into 800 MHz.

The trial used the Samsung 5G mmWave access unit that combines the traditional baseband, radio and antenna. Samsung unveiled its 5G NR access unit for mmWave spectrum at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles in October 2019. The access unit employs MIMO technology with over 1,000 antenna elements in a single unit.

In its recent test, Samsung used two test devices equipped with its latest 5G modem chipset. The devices sent signals to the mmWave access unit and achieved approximately 4.3 Gbps speeds each, reaching an industry peak speed of 8.5 Gbps across both devices.

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