Rebroadcast of the 4th mmW RCN Workshop
Thurs Aug 9 2018 (all times EDT = UTC-4)
11:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks – Akbar Sayeed
11:10 Keynote: Terabit DSL (using sub-mm waveguide modes in a copper pair) – Prof. John Cioffi
11:48 Panel: State of mmW Technology and Industry Outlook
13:09 Breakout: Development of Cost-Effective Community Testbeds for Research and Experimentation
14:32 Keynote: CoMP and Hybrid Beamforming for 5G MMWAVE -Ted Rappaport
15:17 Readout: Communication and Signal Processing & Networking
15:31 Readout: Hardware, Circuits, Antennas, Communication/Signal Processing,
15:46 Readout: Cost-Effective Community Testbeds Development
16:10 Panel: Academic-Industry Collaboration for “Moonshot” mmW RCN Contributions
17:03 Discussion: Goals and Deliverables for RCN 2020 and RCN 2025
17:32 Close