A Smart Solution to Crumbling Infrastructure | SIGNAL Magazine

A Smart Solution to Crumbling Infrastructure | SIGNAL Magazine.

Chicago’s Array of Things sensors, installed around the city to serve as its “fitness tracker,” collect data in real time about factors such as noise and air quality as well as infrastructure. Because the information is localized, it helps researchers, city officials and software developers study and address critical challenges, including traffic flow and public safety. Credit: Rob Mitchum, Urban Center for Computation and Data

Informative article on the role of technology in new infrastructure development.

“One way to build a backbone that integrates 21st-century technologies—sensors, ultra-high-speed communication networks, data analytics, and control and automation—is to enable infrastructure to be much more responsive to real-time demands and more resilient during and after disasters. The opportunities and capabilities to make these systems more intelligent exist today and could catalyze productivity and prosperity for many years.”